Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I need technology help

I need a portable device that will do the following:

1. Allow me to carry and read PDF documents (like a Kindle does).
2. Allow me to read newspapers and blogs (like an IPhone or Kindle do).
3. Allow me to listen to mp3s (like both of the above do?)
4. Allow me to talk on the phone? (optional, I guess)

Here's the catch:
I need it to be cheap. I can handle a high up-front cost (but not $350 for a new Kindle, that's crazy high).

I need the monthly service charge to be very cheap. I'm currently not even willing to pay $70 for a contract cellphone with unlimited minutes/text. Can I get internet access with a portable device for less than that?
(We pay about $35 every 3 months to use a GoPhone between the 2 of us. And we don't use it much. That's how cheap and unconnected I am away from my computer).

I know with a Kindle you can subscribe to newspapers and magazines relatively cheaply, you're always connected to the content you subscribe to via Verizon. But in order to read blogs on a Kindle you have to pay a steep per-blog fee (that's also crazy, IMO).

Is there a solution for me? What's the way I can maximize my above requirements and for the cheapest cost? Any ideas?


Keith Walters said...

Samsung has a lo of rockin smart phones that have wifi (so you don't need a data plan) and being smart phones they will read PDFs, rock your MP3s, and read your feeds ;) I have an older BlackJack, it has no wifi but does all the other stuff and it stinking rocks. Most of their newer ones have a QWERTY keybord and touchscreen as well. They should all be less than $200.

The Palm Pre that is coming out soon looks stinking sweet too.

JDTapp said...

So I can use the phone to browse the web and not pay money for that?

JDTapp said...

I guess you're saying if I'm at an open hot spot I wouldn't have to pay... otherwise I would have to pay for whoever's network I was using (like AT&T's G3 and such)?

Keith Walters said...


JDTapp said...

A classmate of mine has a Samsung touch phone. Looks like an Iphone, pretty sweet. He's on the 3G. It also has a nice camera, but I don't need that.

He couldn't give me a real cost b/c his brother is a Cingular rep and basically gets it all for him for $7/month.

Keith Walters said...

You should ask if his parents would adopt you so that you can get in on that family discount!