Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Democrats think Republicans are Stupid

Exhibit A. (Bolding mine):

Protesters, using a rented truck to haul the million tea bags, began unloading their cargo at the park this morning but were told by officials that they didn't have proper permits and must move the tea . They complied with the order but are still considering what to do with the load.

The tea had been purchased online by people upset over recent government policy, said John Gauger, a spokesman for the grass-roots conservative group

The protesters got more bad news when security officials also told them that they did not have proper permits for a rally in front of the Treasury building.

That noon-time protest had been expected to provide a national stage for speeches by such figures as Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform; former presidential candidate Alan Keyes; and Thomas A. Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste. But after the discussion with security officials, the protesters sent away the advance crew that was to set up risers and equipment for news crews....

About midafternoon, the rally was temporarily suspended after what appeared to be a box of tea was thrown over the White House fence and officials evacuated the park as a security precaution, police said. The park was reopened shortly afterward.

1. The tea-parties were not a "grass roots" event. Please stop pretending. The variety of clever signs, the same soundbytes coming from every location shown on the news, this was a poorly-orchestrated event by Dick Armey and others. The battle is currently raging for the heart and soul of the Republican party. I want to know who the brains are going to be.

2. Grover Norquist, Alan Keyes? *deep sigh*

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Keith Walters said...

The footage of people “symbolically” throwing empty boxes of tea into the water was hilarious. If you missed the news it was symbolic in that there was something below the boat to catch these empty boxes so that they did not actually touch the water. Seriously? I think a group of middle school kids could have organized a better protest. I did find it very funny and for that I am thankful.