Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why NASCAR is the greatest sport

If you missed the last 5 laps of Talladega today then you missed some of the most intense, horrifying, and awesome moments in sports history. Photo: via

Not only does Carl Edwards almost die in a horrifying last-lap wreck (which injured several fans--only in NASCAR), but he has the fortitude afterwards to get out out of his car and jog across the finish line, Ricky Bobby style (watch the video link above for the whole final 3:00).
And then to congratulate the rookie who wrecked him and commend him for doing "the right thing." That's as classy as it gets.

This is the only sport where you can see a 50 year old with the right equipment whip the younger drivers (Mark Martin last week in Phoenix). The only sport where you hear the competitors say "I'll stop short of complaining and just be thankful for what I have," (Mark Martin after being wrecked today).

If you got tired of hearing the "Yo, yo, I finally got mine, dawg" interviews from the NFL draft this weekend, this race was the perfect antidote.

NASCAR-- the perfect combination of physics, chemistry, physical strength, intelligence, and sheer willpower. And the only sport I can watch for 3.5 hours without ever changing the channel.

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