Sunday, May 10, 2009

Am I still a Republican? Are you? How do you know?

In a speech last week, Colin Powell said that "the Republican party is in deep trouble," and criticized Rush Limbaugh as unhelpful.

Today, Dick Cheney said Powell isn't a Republican and that he'd rather have Rush Limbaugh than the former General and Secretary of State. Criticism of the GOP is apparently anathema.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele gave a speech where he said anyone voting for the stimulus package (including Republican moderate Olympia Snowe?) wasn't a Republican.

David Brooks reported that Minority Whip Eric Cantor is being criticized for the Republicans' new "listening tour," because apparently Republicans "already know what they believe in" and don't need to listen to what Americans have to say.

So... does the fact that I also think the party is in trouble, leaderless, and clueless right now mean that I'm no longer welcome in the GOP?

Are there a large number of other people under 40 like me who would like to see a complete leadership change in the GOP and would like to never see Dick Cheney on TV ever again? If so, please comment. Maybe we can form a traveling band or something.

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