Saturday, May 02, 2009

Candid President

David Leonhardt's interview with President Obama published in tomorrow's (Sunday's) NY Times is great. Economics (specifically about his advisors), education, and health care. I am thankful that our President is a smart man. Listening to his interviews I feel like I'm listening to a CEO. I hope he doesn't lose his humility or get frustrated/burnt out. While I don't agree with many things the Administration does, I still root for them to succeed. A quote about getting heavy, needed reforms passed that will be politically costly:

In some ways it’s liberating, though, in the sense that whether I’m a one-termer or a two-termer, the problems are big enough and fundamental enough that I can’t sort of game it out. It’s not one of these things where I can say, Oh, you know what, if I time it just right, then the market is going to be going up and unemployment will be going down right before re-election. These are much bigger, much more systemic problems. And so in some ways you just kind of set aside the politics.

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