Sunday, May 31, 2009

Product Review - Nokia e63

If you follow the blog, you know I recently ordered an unlocked Nokia e63. It was a decent price (cheaper than I could find an iPhone for) and I was excited to get it. I've been getting used to it for about a month, I use it strictly as a smart phone that gets online whenever it can find a WAP.

Simple to use, a Nokia trait.
Does what I need it to do-- surf, read PDFs, play mp3s, has several office-like applications.
Has a 2 megapixel camera and can record hours of video.
Allows me to use Nokia's Ovi server to host gigs of files for a year for free. I designate which files on my home computers I want to share, and it automatically uploads them.
I can set up internet phone service and call people via the Net rather than sign up for Cingular or some such. We put our GoPhone sim in it this week and it worked fine (although it was a little odd for me to actually use it as a phone).
The Google apps (like YouTube) work great with it.

PDF reader has a hard time with charts & graphics... something important in the economics documents I'm reading.
Web browser crashes on various websites. Don't try to do much on Yahoo!. Anything with a javascript-heavy pop-up (like a NASCAR leaderboard) causes instant fail.
There aren't many free apps at the Nokia store. And many of the apps are faulty, slow, or only work on the newest Nokias. The app store experience is generally disappointing.
In "offline" mode (when there is no sim card) it constantly asks if I want to connect to the internet via the WAP. This gets old.

I would say it's as good as the Samsung Touch models I've seen (without the touch screen of course), but it's not an iPhone (what is?). It works well with what I want it to do, but I don't expect much more from Nokia at this point, their days of cellphone dominance are done.

I imagine that one day I'll possibly have a high-paying job that will require (or even pay for) a cellphone contract, and then I can upgrade to what's new. I can only imagine.


anu said...

I am having an idea to buy this, but i am having samsung 804ss it was unlocked by samsung-code where i bought the code.Now shall i resale this samsung & buy the mobile

michale said...

I wanted an update over the E61 and the E63 beat a release of ATT E71x and I am not willing to pay for the PDA data plan to have it, so I am happy to have this unlocked E63, with no contact, and no ATT data plan as is!