Friday, May 01, 2009

Still phone shopping

Just got off the phone with a helpful "cell phone expert" at He was basically using to compare phones.

I'm looking at an unlocked Nokia e63-2. Looks like it supports all major Windows file types (would that include PDF files), play MP3s, and use a microSD card. Looks to be about $229.

Anyone have any experience with this or similar phone? What should I be aware of?

I have about $50 in Amazon gift cards so that's what I'm considering spending it on.


JDTapp said...

Eerily, after I called them the price fell to $199. We couldn't find it anywhere else cheaper. I used a collection of Amazon gift cards to buy it and a micro SD card pretty cheap. We'll see!

VENKAT said...

I ma attracted by the features of theNokia E63 and bought the Nokia E63 Mobile phone its IMEI number:356211003290502 Locked network vodafone Uk.I want the unlocking code can anyone help me pleas?Thanks in advence.I had found the unlocking instructions in the site named NOKIA E63can anyone get me code please?..