Friday, June 19, 2009

How to spell Jesus

Took this pic with my Nokia e63. It's a church near campus.
Granted, this sign might have been put together in 105 degree heat. But if Jesus is the foundation for your church then I think you should spell his name correctly.

If I were deciding whether to visit this church or another, I would choose the other after seeing this sign. Especially given that the staff can see this sign every day yet don't care enough to change it.

My wife's brother-in-law has been doing a series of posts entitled "Jesus has a branding problem." (Here's the latest one) His main point (I think) is that most people don't know who the real Jesus is and most of Jesus' customers (Christians) don't do a good job of promoting the real Jesus. Kind of like when people call all soft drinks "Coke," or all photocopies "Xerox," you dilute the importance of the distinct brand name.

Economists don't believe in marketing because most of our models assume that people already have complete information about a product. Seeing Lebron James wear Nike doesn't transmit any more information about the quality, fundamentals, and price of Nike shoes or the company, so Lebron's commercials are a pointless misuse of funds.

But obviously marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, so maybe those models aren't realistic. The fact that we were given the "Great Commission" means there are clearly people without instantaneous access to complete information about Jesus.

My point: This church has used their sign to transmit some very important information about themselves. I'd rather have that information before I walk in the door than after I've already taken my seat.

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