Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remember when?

Remember when James Dobson and Jerry Falwell tried to talk Mark Sanford into running for President in '08 because they were upset with a potential McCain nomination and wanted a true Christian Conservative? (I blogged on this stuff here back then). Remember last December when Sanford was a hero and the FOX news folks speculated about him in 2012? Here's his Intrade market entry/odds.

Now he becomes the second Republican in a week to relinquish a GOP leadership position (though still not resign his elected one!) because of marital unfaithfulness. And it turns out he and Ensign were both apparently members of the same secretive Bible study.

The Republican party seems to have come to stand for one thing: Hypocrisy (and maybe stupidity, seriously did you think you'd take a week out of the country and no one would care/notice? Looks like his staff hung him out to dry today after what he put them through this week).

I guess that makes Sarah Palin a more likely contender for 2012. I am seriously on the verge of switching registration to Independent.

My wife got me Ross Douthat's Grand New Party for Father's Day, it's been on my must-read list for a year. If I don't like what I see in the book, or think that the old hands in the GOP will never enact their sound proposals then I will probably make a trip down to the court house.

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