Saturday, June 20, 2009

There are other protestors not in the news...

As I read today's updates from Tehran from the NY Times' The Lede blog, I'm pleased with the attention now being given to Iran.

However, Joshua Foust at, the Central Asian chronicle, points out that residents of Georgia have been protesting and rioting for months over democracy issues with no media attention. Full disclosure, I wrote extensively on the Georgia-Russia conflict on this blog and maintained a pro-Georgian slant. I don't keep up with many Georgia and Ossetia blogs anymore and the ones I do read have conflicting reports about the president. It appears that Saak is clinging to power by threads.

Foust points out that the difference is that Georgia is a U.S-subsidized ally, one that Dick Cheney flew to and pledged a billion more dollars to immediately after the conflict. Americans apparently must not want to know if that money is propping up a regime choosing autocratic tactics to keep its power. They'd rather know if one that chants "death to America" every Friday is about to collapse.

And the Opposition in Georgia perhaps aren't utilizing Twitter or Facebook as they might...? I don't claim to have any information, just always like it when someone directs me to news that the media have ignored.

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