Monday, June 01, 2009

Why I hate Twitter (continued--TMI edition)

I actually like a couple things about Twitter. Anything with a link attached to it is nice... people sharing information.

But there is such a thing as too much information (TMI). Transparency is a good and necessary thing, especially for Christians. But, some of the transparency people put forth really bothers me. Call it hypocritical, but I expect more out of persons in authority than I do from average Joe. I don't want to post or tweet things that my students would think less of me for. It's okay if they say "He's a dork," but not okay if they say "He's a bad example of __________."

Example #1: What people are listening to, usually posting their playlist.
One of my pastors was just listening to Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," which he added to his own online radio station for everyone to listen to, and felt that was significant enough to tell everyone via Twitter. I would rather have not known that. I see pastors tweeting songs and advertising albums that I'd rather pastors not listen to.

Does it make me a hypocrite if I listen to those songs? Maybe. Maybe I expect my pastor to be less of a sinner than I am? (Music is a bad example because I really don't listen to any).

Example #2: What people are spending their money on.
Some pastors seem to spend a lot of money at Starbucks. Is it harsh of me to prefer a pastor to buy cheap coffee because that's what I do?

One specific pastor recently accepted donations because he didn't have enough money for an important item during an emergency. However, Twitter indicates that this pastor goes to Starbucks every day. If we assume he's paying $5 a visit to Starbucks and visiting 5 days a week then this comes out to about $1300 a year. That's money he could have used instead of asking for donations. If he were to switch to 74 cent gas station refills, he could save hundreds of dollars...

This is the type of thinking I pound into my Personal Financial Planning students. Maybe this pastor has properly budgeted the $5 a day and it isn't a problem. But knowing that he recently had a financial shortfall, it would help me feel better if I saw him tightening his belt, you know? I see this a lot.

Example #3: Random "here I am" tweets.
I don't want to know that you're in the bathroom, or looking at a menu, or stuck in traffic unless that affects me directly (ie: letting me know there's a traffic jam ahead that I should avoid). I could repost that video I linked to a few weeks ago that sums this up.

Am I guilty of this? Yes, I am. Very few of my recent tweets have links in them. And I'm sorry.


Matt McKee said...

So really you are talking about the 80-10-10 rule. I'm not talking about the personal money rule either with 80% you spend, 10% you tithe and 10% you save. I'm talking about the twitter rule of 80-10-10. 80% percent of your tweets should be to help your followers or the community in general. 10% should be open interaction that no one but yourself and the person you are interacting with cares about and the other 10% could be personal stuff or random stuff. Would that make your happier

Jessica said...

Can you imagine a world where everyone is exactly alike? I wouldn't want to live in a place where everyone liked the same things I like, listened to the same things I listened to, ate the same things I eat. That would be so boring.

JDTapp said...

The 80-10-10 rule is nice.

I guess I'm just expressing my frustration with some people I follow when they do things that I perceive to be publicly irresponsible as teachers, coaches, and spiritual leaders. For exaple, the pastor wouldn't get on stage on Sunday and recommend everyone to listen to "Fat Bottomed Girls" so why does he do that stuff on Twitter? (i should ask him).

It's not that they're different that bothers me, I don't really understand that comment.

Keith Walters said...

I noticed today on catbook, because my pets need a Facebook, that I can get them twitter accounts and it will tweet their status updates. If you are desperate to know how the kitties are doing 24/7/365.25 then let me know and I will sign them up :)

JDTapp said...

The most over-the-top thing I've heard of is a belly band for pregnant women that tweets updates every time it feels the baby kick. It tweets "I'm kicking mommy" or somesuch.