Saturday, July 25, 2009

Book Review (#10 of 2009)

The last of the garage sale $1 audio books: The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc: Ronald Reagan, D-Day, and the 2nd Ranger Battalion by Douglas Brinkley.

This book chronicles the history of the 2nd Ranger Battalion (drawing heavily on other more definitive sources in that regard), Ronald Reagan's views of WWII through his acting roles at the time, then chronicles the writing of the two 40th anniversary of D-Day speeches Reagan delivered in 1984.
I have to say this book was pretty boring. The mini bios of Peggy Noonan and others involved in the writing of Reagan's speeches and the minute details of how these speeches developed were a little much for me. The backstories and glossing over of politics of the time were only somewhat interesting to me.

The speeches were considered to be among Reagan's most powerful and memorable. If you're a huge Reagan fan then this book is for you, if not then read something else. Most interesting to me was Reagan's admiration of and sometimes emulation of FDR. He wasn't exactly the Goldwater conservative that liberals like to remember him as.

Recordings of the two speeches are included after the epilogue (here's one reprinted).

2 stars out of 5.

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