Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let's go racin'

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine gave me 2 tickets ($30 value) to the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. The Lucasoil track is a big deal that attracts thousands of people every weekend. It's a new state-of-the-art dirt track facility (oxymoronic, eh?). I enjoyed my time there and took a few pictures with my Nokia e63 smartphone. They have wi-fi at the track so I also tweeted quite a bit. Halfway through the evening I discovered that @lucasspeedway was tweeting race results and updates, which was awesome.

Minor league racing is huge here in SW Missouri. You see plenty of cars here in Bolivar with stickers on them representing their favorite circuit driver. You see more of these than you do NASCAR driver stickers. Bolivar has its own track but we've yet to go. I'd say 50% of the crowd in Wheatland was female, including several elderly people (the elderly woman behind me brought her poodle). I saw plenty of young and old couples on dates at the track. It's the thing to do (but too LOUD for conversation). There were easily a couple thousand people there--in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. Some cars were sponsored by churches (ie: 2nd Baptist Church's logo was on the car) and if I were a pastor I would totally sponsor a car.

Via the link above you can watch races live online and keep up with the action. The track has a jumbotron, luxury boxes, a great cafe place, bar, souvenir shop, and plenty of chairback seats. (I sold one ticket at the track and that payed for my food--Joni stayed home with Elias [and it was 105 degrees out]). I was really impressed. Here are some video and pictures.

A view from behind the seats as the sun went down and storm clouds rolled in.

Dirt track racing, the art of turning right to go left! I saw limited late models and modifieds, both local circuit and a national touring circuit that was in town that week. I think each heat was 20 green flag laps. Too many cautions to make it really fun.
Me blending in with my serious redneck look. I'm wearing a Texas A&M t-shirt with a black National Guard Dale Earnhardt Jr. cap (that Joni got free thanks to your tax dollars).

It was fun. Now to go see a NASCAR Sprint Cup race sometime.

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Keith Walters said...

That cracks me up that churches sponsor cars!