Friday, August 28, 2009

The lack of blogging will continue...

I now know why most people aren't as well-read as I think they should be... those people are busy. And now I am busy too. I can occasionally tweet but can't find time to write anything worthwhile (except emails to students).

School started this week which means I divide my scarce time mainly among the following:
1. Calculus 2
2. Teaching 4 sections of 3 classes, plus 2 different independent studies.
3. Faculty sponsor of a student club.
4. Chair of a faculty committee (someone's cruel joke).
5. Student advising & registration (students aren't allowed to drop their own classes...)
6. Trying to force technology to make my life easier--which actually makes it harder and more time-consuming.

So, I have to carve out time to read newspapers and blogs to stay current. My mobile device helped me with this until NewsGator decided to discontinue support of its NewsGator Go! app in favor of synching with Google Reader. So, now my RSS feeds are MUCH harder to read and much less organized due to Google Reader being horrible over mobile devices. I feel betrayed by this decision, it's the angriest I've been at a tech company since Windows 95 came out, but in that case it was a step forward while this one is a step backward. And I am going to send an angry email to NewsGator if I find more time...

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