Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on Christians and Sports (continued)

Since there's a lot of debate over the Pitino situation, I thought I'd put some more of my own thoughts out there. Not trying to be judgmental about Christians and modern sports, I'm simply working through the issue myself.

I think back to Rome and imagine early Christians there, wrestling with whether or not to attend games in the Coliseum. What do you think they'd have done?

I can imagine a line of debate like this:
Pro: "We should attend the games because that's where the people are. That's where we can reach the most people. We can't engage the culture without a door like sports to open conversation."

Con: "We shouldn't attend the games because we'd be adding our support for something that kills slaves. It's something that degrades the value of human life and as Christians we know that all life is precious. We should tell the world that God has other intentions for life and not be a part of that culture."

My guess is that an elder or Paul or someone would say "Let's go down to the holding cells and preach to the slaves that they can be set free via Christ" and they'd find better things to do with their time then enter the arena to watch those slaves die and the emperor hailed.

Does the scenario above have any bearing on modern sports and entertainment culture? I think so. What are your thoughts?

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