Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An example of why we have a health care cost problem

Related to yesterday's post and the article contained there.

I'm on the benefits committee for my university (I was appointed, I didn't ask). We're going to have a presentation by an insurance company on Monday. The company is going to buy us dinner afterwards. This is an example of an administrative, overhead cost that all of us pay for. Your higher premiums are going to buy a lot of people like myself dinner, in order to convince us that that we sign up for some insurance package that we'll pay too much for in order to provide dinner presentations for other potential customers.

I already feel dirty.


Jessica said...

Order a steak on me, and enjoy it. In fact, order 2 and take one home to Joni. I don't get to buy you dinner often.

JDTapp said...

I should have updated. The presentation wasn't by an insurance company but rather our 3rd party pension consultant evaluating one of our retirement packages (basically analyzing the funds that one company that we can invest our 403b with is investing in). Money still came out of my pay in the same way, but it wasn't for health care so I didn't feel dirty.

I ordered a hamburger steak.