Sunday, October 25, 2009

More On Health Care

Since I saw this PBS report on health care in the Netherlands I've been pretty high on their system. A price ceiling that allows the market full leeway in shifting the supply curve to the right. If you watch the video in the link above, note the automated prescription dispenser... no need to spend $100k+ a year on pharmacists (reading this, Ashlie?).

Since the U.S. reform falls well short of what the Dutch have done, and well short of what was outlined in "How American Health Care Killed My Father," I've been pretty depressed about what the outcome will be-- disaster!

This Tyler Cowen column in yesterday's NY Times makes me feel worse. Arguing that what little state-level evidence we have so far indicates that individual mandates won't bring premiums down, and the subsidy-laden reform working through congress will make matters of entitlement-dependency worse.

Americans don't realize how much their standard of living is slowly falling behind that of other countries. We're not experiencing the growth in that measure that we've known in years past, and this will only worsen over the next decade (my opinion here).

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