Thursday, October 01, 2009

Suicide Tax

France Telecom has seen 24 of its employees commit suicide in the last 18 months, most of whom mentioned the poor working environment of France Telecom in their suicide notes. Many of these also killed themselves while working on the job, hanging themselves in their cubicles or jumping out the window.

In microeconomics we teach that one sure way to reduce the quantity of something is to tax it at the margin. So, one trade union proposes doing exactly that:

"As the debate rages whether the suicides were provoked by vicious globalization, the company's cynical management, or mollycoddled state workers being made to face up to reality, France Telecom seems to be doing its utmost to avoid another one. One trade union has suggested the government levy a suicide tax on companies to make sure they maintain a decent work environment."

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Jessica said...

But how many people have to die before the tax is implemented? "If 1 employee commits suicide, you'll be charged $xxx. If 2, you'll be charged $xxx." What's the price value for human life?