Sunday, December 13, 2009

David Brooks has been to Sunday school?

David Brooks' Friday column tells the Hannukah story, with perhaps a modern-day allusion in the last sentence (read it yourself). The only part I found odd was this one:

"Generations of Sunday school teachers have turned Hanukkah into the story of unified Jewish bravery against an anti-Semitic Hellenic empire. Settlers in the West Bank tell it as a story of how the Jewish hard-core defeated the corrupt, assimilated Jewish masses. Rabbis later added the lamp miracle to give God at least a bit part in the proceedings."
What Sunday school has David Brooks been to that the teacher even mentions Hannukah? Is that what goes on in mainstream denominations (Lutheran, Episcopalian, etc.)? Brooks' summary of the Hannukah story taught me more than I knew, and I'd bet $10 it's more than any Sunday school teacher I've ever had ever knew about Hannukah. Which is probably a shame.

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