Friday, December 04, 2009

Must-see TV

Made a pledge to our local PBS station tonight. Mostly because of my love for PBS NewHour (note their new format and website). Jim Lehrer closed with a stirring reading of what he calls the "Principles of MacNeil-Lehrer Journalism." He ended it with an emphatic "And I am not in the entertainment business!" That made all the difference, I literally almost ran to the computer to pledge money to my local station.

If you're not watching NewsHour then you don't know what the news really is (unless you have BBC on your satellite ...but even then it's not as fantastic).

We've also taken a liking to Curious George, maybe moreso than our 18 month old has (although he's interested). William H. Macey narrates it, it's executive produced by Ron Howard, it's great.

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Jessica said...

Followed you rlink and learned that Curious George has a coloring iPhone app. Cool.