Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christians don't let Christians listen to Rush Limbaugh

I just went to and followed their link to the Red Cross' website and donated $10. I did it as a way of displaying the proverbial middle finger to Rush Limbaugh for his shameful, idiotic comments yesterday. Among other things, Rush implied President Obama would steal the money donated through the website (btw-- you're not donating to, you link to the Red Cross site first... learn how the internet works, Rush).

I'm glad to see at least a few influential pastors are condemning Rush's comments. But I suspect they'll be back to listening and supporting him next week, just like they were last week.

While some of the media coverage might be overkill, Fox News' prime time programs gave Haiti a grand total of 7 minutes out of 3 hours last night (it was on at the gym and I found the absence rather odd). But I'm glad Glenn Beck has a donation link on his website.

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