Saturday, January 02, 2010

How I'd begin fixing health care (or America's health) and the drug war at the same time

Step 1: Eliminate all sugar quotas.*
Subsidizing that .0001% of the country that farm sugar by "protecting" them from foreign competition has led to the desired result: A higher domestic price for sugar than would otherwise exist so that those farmers can keep their jobs. This has led, in turn, to manufacturers turning to high-fructose corn syrup as a cheaper input substitute, leading to a less-healthy America.

It also means that foreign producers of sugar, say, South American countries, have had to turn to the production of other crops since we won't let their sugar in. So, many turned to coca...manufacturing it into cocaine. Provide them with a viable legal alternative--sugar--and they'd be happy, but the U.S. rejects their sugar because of the stupid quota system in place to protect the sugar monopolist.

And then we spend $billions$ to treat people with obesity and health problems and $billions$ (and more in terms of human life) to try and stamp out coca production or to keep it out of our country.

It's a simple free market solution that few are advocating.
*- I know this post needs all kinds of footnotes of data to back up my proposition. I'll leave that to commenters.

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