Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Pandora

When I'm at the office mostly by myself on weekends I use to stream music. If you don't use Pandora, you basically start with a song and then it plays other songs that it thinks you may like and you rate them. The more you rate the more it adjusts the song selection to your liking.

According to Pandora, the following are true:
1. I only listen to songs made prior to 1980.
2. I like music with "folk rock qualities, a subtle use of vocal harmony, acoustic sonority, melodic string accompaniment and major key tonality."
3. I like musicians in the following order of frequency:
John Denver
James Taylor
Simon & Garfunkel
Neil Diamond
Jim Croce
Peter, Paul, and Mary

As I was writing this post Pandora whipped out a John Denver cover of John Prine's "Paradise" aka "Muhlenberg County." That's one of my favorite songs to sing when driving through it on the WKY Parkway from my parents' house. I had no idea there was a John Denver cover of it on his Rocky Mountain High album. You rock, Pandora.

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Jessica said...

Wow. Your Pandora is very different than mine.