Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Rush & Haiti

I'm sorry to anyone who I offended with my "proverbial middle finger" comment regarding Limbaugh. It would have been better to say "a proverbial rebuke" or something. I was obviously pretty angry. If my comment about pastors offended you, then I apologize for that too.

Our pastor preached a good sermon on Luke 13 today, reminding us all that "unless we repent we will all likewise perish." He had Pat Robertson's comments in mind, and mentioned he felt tempted to feel he was qualified to distribute his own justice to him and others. But that our response to Haiti should be the proper one Jesus gives us in Luke 13.

I know many Christians who feel as Robertson does, and I felt that at least Robertson had eternity in mind and didn't condemn giving aid like Limbaugh did.

In class this week I've been showing some of Milton Friedman's Free to Choose. Friedman was an incredible, clear, smart voice for conservativism. Unfortunately his death left a large void and we're stuck with mean-spirited conspiracy-oriented people like Rush Limbaugh as the public faces of conservativism. That's probably what angers me (and plenty of other conservatives I know) more than anything.


Keith Walters said...

Pat needs help and the world would be a far better place if the 700 Club were not on the air and I havent listened to rush since 1992. Well I never listened to him but I think that was the last time I heard his voice. So you have not offended me friend.

Keith Walters said...

Not offended and I do not care for either of them.