Monday, January 18, 2010

Today in class...

I felt like my earlier criticism of Limbaugh and Beck were prescient today.

A student was giving a presentation on Irving Fisher and somehow related monetary policy to something Glenn Beck had on his show. The student showed a YouTube clip of Beck (no, I won't link it) showing some sort of graph and trying to make a point either about the debt or the money supply, it wasn't really clear (I think he said both). In the clip, Beck makes several factual errors and economic ones as well. He ends with "Be sure to send this clip to everyone you know!"

I shared with my class exactly what I said in the last paragraph of this earlier post. I told them it was like when sophomore students put graphs in their economics papers just to fill up space but that have no real point. And this is a guy millions of Americans get their political directives from.

This is why we have GOP candidates like Scott Brown touting the party line of promising to cut taxes and slash deficits at the same time and not getting called out as liars for it. There are indeed good and creative ideas on the right, but no one in the Republican party willing or smart enough to understand and champion them.

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