Saturday, February 20, 2010

Instapaper and Delicious make my life more efficient

We had some windfall cash lately (in part from me teaching in Jan term) and I used some of that money to purchase a Kindle. Instapaper is a wonderful service that lets you save websites that have articles you want to return to read and then download them all as text documents onto your Kindle. I click one button on my browser and it automatically saves the article at Instapaper. At the end of the day or when I have time, I simply download all the articles and read them at my leisure on a device that is much easier on my eyes than my back-lit computer screen (or smartphone).
Instapaper also integrates with Google Reader so that any blog post that I mark to "share" shows up as a downloadable article on my Instapaper list. That way I can read blogs on my phone while waiting somewhere and easily mark the longer ones that I want to read later.

The other service I've used for a long time, and recently gave an instruction seminar for fellow faculty on, is Delicious. Delicious lets you bookmark websites you visit (mostly articles, in my case) and tag them for sorting. You can publish each tag as its own RSS feed. I use this for students in each of my subjects. When I run across a good article for Personal Financial Planning, it goes onto their RSS feed in one click and shows up on their Google Reader, which I make them start using on Day 1 of class.

Between these 2 sites I'm able to store things for future personal use. Delicious lets me store things I know will be important for me to reference, Instapaper lets me store things I want to read at a more convenient time.

Hope you find both of these services useful.

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Matt McKee said...

Great Services and great insight on how to use them. Nice post.