Sunday, April 11, 2010

"A win for the family!" -- Jim Nantz

I watch golf maybe twice a year, max. I usually watch the Masters (even though it's a rigged course) on Sunday (and Saturday this year). I sometimes get caught up in the anxiety but rarely do I get emotional. Scanning the headlines tonight, every newspaper in America has the same front page sports story, and it's about family.
courtesy: Getty Images/Yahoo!.com

This weekend we saw a competition between two players who Americans actually know nothing about personally, really. But we know that one player's golf game suffered because he took time off for cheating on his wife. The other player's golf game suffered because his wife and mother are fighting breast cancer. Which one were you rooting for on Friday? How about Sunday?

Jim Nantz sees a lot of memorable stories and heart-tugging video edits from CBS. When live action stuff makes him choke up, you know it's the real deal. I think it made us all choke up for a reason-- it reminded us of what really matters. Occasionally sports do that, and it's nice.

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