Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day of Politics

Today was primary voting day in Missouri and it's seemingly campaign season everywhere else.

I happened to re-activate my Facebook account for a few minutes today. First thing I see, someone (not in Missouri) who is an online PR person for a Republican running for congress, a big "Christian Conservative" type, has this as her status update:
"Some people. I saw a woman with 6 kids today. She said her oldest is 14. She's the same age as me, so do the math." (she's 28).
There were several responses "Wow, how much of our tax dollars do you think she gets?" "There should be a law..." "Glad to know I'm working to feed her family," etc., stereotypical conservative responses. Encouraged by the poster (or at least not discouraged. She did acknowledge the mom "at least" had a job).

Then, her husband writes:
"The best thing would be to just let her kids die so they don't use up any more of my tax dollars." Then all these other people chimed in with "likes" and "what he said!"

I thought about it later and went back to take a screenshot just to submit it to some liberal website or the Democratic opposition for their own use...thinking maybe it shows up on MSNBC tonight or something--just out of spite because I found it cruel. (BTW-- I think the Democratic incumbent is very unqualified for office and I would vote for the Republican if I lived there).

But she had deleted it, apparently because someone in the campaign figured out that someone like me might do that.

I think it's a shame because:
a. It was deleted not because it was thoughtless and uncompassionate, or because she had a change of heart, but because it might be seen as reflecting negatively on her candidate. God judges the heart, not what's publicly posted.
b. I doubt she and her husband are in the minority of people who actually owed income taxes this year or any year, so that family isn't likely currently using any of his tax dollars anyway.
c. It feeds the stereotype that political conservatives are hard-hearted. "If the poor around us would just die, we'd all be better off."

And I quickly re-deactivated my Facebook account.

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