Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review (#14 of 2010)

Letters from Dad: How to leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love for your family by Greg Vaughn with Fred Holmes.
A friend sent this to me a while back. I had never heard of Greg Vaughn and his ministry of Legacy Groups which started in the Dallas area and spread internationally.

Vaughn and a group of men got inspired to write letters to their family members, particularly their children, as a way of imparting blessings on them and a way to leave a written legacy of who they were. Vaughn was inspired by Gary Smalley's book The Blessing. The book is basically about the men's testimonies about the impact it had on their families and how the ministry developed from it.

As you'll see on his website, they sell some expensive stationery and mahogany boxes for the letters. Vaughn spent $800 on box, stationery, and a $40 pen when he got started-- I think that's a little overkill. But I get the idea of blessing others through the written word. One thing that struck me as odd was that as the ministry grew at one point they figured out that a large number of the attendees were either divorced or going through a divorce. It struck me that the divorcing men seemed to be doing it as a way to get their kids to love them again once the divorce was final. That's Dallas, I suppose.

In all, it's a good fast read but filled with sappy emotional stuff and lots of men crying. If you don't have problems with picking up a pen, then don't bother with the book--just get started.

(I don't really want to attach a rating to this one, just doesn't seem appropriate since it's not the typical type of book I review here. )

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