Friday, November 12, 2010

A letter to Elias (about Elias)

You are almost 2.5.
I do 85% of your morning wake-up and breakfast times. You always respond to my entering your room with a "Hi!" usually followed by a "How are you?" but sometimes punctuated with a quote from something you were thinking about.

You still call me "Captain D's" as a nickname. We don't know how that got started, I think it shows how clever you are because I call you nicknames like "Tiny B."

You eat more than I do which is pretty amazing. They've been telling us for a year that you'll be slowing down your eating and I think you did--for a couple days. You love to eat fish and shrimp and we're never afraid to give you snails or whatever else we're eating-- you like most of it.

You tower over your classmates in the nursery. You find ways to amuse us with your coolness.
Your favorite thing to do with me is to "go faster!" which involves me holding you while I run around. You also like to "swing!" which involves me swinging you and you also now ask me to carry you on my shoulders often.

You love to read. We have read books like Baby's First Bible and Tell Me What God Made pretty much your whole life. Most of our books feature animals or are Thomas-related books. You have most of them memorized. You know your alphabet and how to count in English and French and somewhat in Spanish. You're starting to spell every word you see on signs. Thanks, Alpha Pig!
I also do about 95% of your bath times. Much of these times lately have been spent watching you re-enact scenes from Go Diego Go that involve swimming.

You do a lot of that re-enacting, whether it's Mr. Perkins entering the room or simply reciting entire episodes of Thomas. Whatever relates to what we're doing at the time.

And you love to sing. It's great to see you try hard to hit the right notes. You do a great job.

Your dad is proud of you, and he looks forward every day to coming home to your adventures.

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