Thursday, December 16, 2010

When useful technology bites the dust

About a year ago I was bummed that NewsGator was discontinuing its RSS feed publishing features as well as support for its Symbian app. This was after they merged services with Google. I got over that when I found Delicious, which allows me to bookmark into the cloud and publish an RSS feed from those bookmarks. I did a presentation for faculty on how they could use Delicious to keep better track of articles and assign them to students.

Now, Yahoo! is eliminating Delicious and other services. This had been coming; they never fixed problems with their iPhone app after Yahoo! bought them and their site was in disrepair. But I had no problems with their app or their service. The latest productivity-enhancer I found was, which lets you tweet links to Delicious for bookmarking.

So, when I'm sitting in a waiting room surfing with my iPod and see a really great article to use for an assignment, I bookmark it via Delicious. In 2 seconds, I have forever (or so I thought) preserved it's location someplace where I'll always find it when I need it.

I have over 1,000 tags on articles via Delicious, most of them divided up by subject matter for my classes (so, about 1,000 tagged articles). When I need to find that article on hangar tariffs, I simply search my "microeconomics" tag for the keyword. When I want to give students a research source for a project, I simply give them the RSS for the class and that gives them hundreds of articles to search via Google Reader or whatever feed reader they want to use.

I thought I would just go ahead and post my RSS feeds here by subject, in case anyone wants to check them out before Yahoo! discontinues supporting the feeds (assuming they will). Some articles have multiple tags because they're relevant to multiple courses/topics so will appear in multiple feeds.



Personal Financial Planning.

Money & Banking. (313 articles in this. I spend more time reading for that class than any other and assign more articles in it than most other classes, 20 article assignments this semester).

International Economics/Finance.

History of Economic/Financial thought (Winterfest course)

This feed is articles related to the financial crisis for students creating a wiki last year.

Insurance and Risk Management.

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement service for Delicious? What else is out there that allows me to publish my bookmarks as an RSS feed?

*UPDATED* - the belated news from Yahoo! and Delicious that they will likely survive as a spin-off is welcome news.
Though my transition to Diigo is probably inevitable. Diigo doesn't have a functional iPhone app, so that's a bummer.

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JDTapp said...

For right now, it looks like Diigo will do what I want it to do. It's a little more complex (more steps) but also has more functions. And if I REALLY want to use it, it costs money.