Monday, February 07, 2011

Narrative Found

In a previous post I was searching for an article that would credit Egypt's revolution to the Bush administration's attempt at planting a democracy in the Arab world (Iraq). Today, The Economist delivered that article to my doorstep (and you can read it here).

"The experts who scoffed at Mr Bush for thinking that Arabs wanted and were ready for democracy on the Western model are suddenly looking less clever—and Mr Bush’s simple and rather wonderful notion that Arabs want, deserve and are capable of democracy is looking rather wise."

The author goes on to make the point that the Obama administration can't burnish the same credentials while also pointing out that neocons are still scared of the potential consequences vis a vis a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. I don't share that fear. Natan Sharansky dealt with that fear in The Case for Democracy, which was touted by both Bush and Condi Rice (around the time of the Iraq invasion). The Egyptian people are showing that they don't want to live under anyone's iron fist again. A successful revolt would simply serve as a reminder to whoever is in power next that they will be held very accountable for how they govern-- Muslim Brotherhood or not.

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