Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snowmaggedon (#2)

I took these pictures while shoveling the driveway a second time today... all before 2pm. There were 7" on the driveway the first time, more than that the second with some high drifts against the garage.
This is next to our garage, there are drifts like this around the house.

Here you can see what's piled up next to the mailbox. The street hasn't been plowed or driven on for a while, there is about 17" on the street.

Here you can see the front door. You can also tell that snow and ice pellets are raining down as I take the picture.

This is a concerning mound of snow on top of the garage. Hoping the wind blows it off.

Saw two trucks get stuck at the end of the street trying to come into the neighborhood. Our neighbors shoveled and got off to work early this morning but I doubt they'll be able to make it back in their cars tonight unless the road is cleared (and I doubt they can pull in their driveways).

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