Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I'm excited about iPad 2

So, the rumor is that the iPad 2 will be announced on March 2. In a related story, I will hopefully be receiving a tax return around that time.

I traveled to a conference a few weeks ago and chose to leave both my netbook and laptop at home, taking only my iPod Touch. That trip solidified the need for an iPad. One night, I found myself listening to music, surfing the web, Skyping with my wife, and tweeting all at the same time-- on my iPod. I did it faster and more easily than it could have been done on my netbook.
It simply would have been an easier task (and less battery-taxing) on an iPad.

I read a lot of articles on my iPod, but the small screen is often both bothersome and harmful. It's super for Instapaper reads I've stored and blog posts, but "ehh" for non-HTML5 websites. iPad would solve those problems. I saw people at the airport restaurant with their iPads propped up in front of them, reading articles while they ate. Nifty.

While teaching last week, I misplaced the paper printout of my lecture notes and was in a hurry to get to class. I store all of my notes on Google Docs. I simply used my iPod to connect wi-fi and read the notes in one hand while I wrote stuff on the board. That was really nice, but it would have been easier to read on an iPad.

A local lawyer that we adjunct out our Business Law class to reportedly uses an iPad connected to a keyboard and uses it to project everything he needs to show in class. (Not sure the details of what devices he's using, but the students sound impressed.)

There are some educational games that Elias loves to play on the iPod, along with plenty of YouTube videos I keep stored for him on demand. These would just be easier to see and touch on the iPad.

The iPad 2 reportedly will have a camera built in for videoconferencing and such. That would be great as well, I have a pre-camera iPod Touch.

I don't really care at this point if later in the year a better iPad will be released, as is also rumored. Lord willing, I'm going to get an iPad 2 in March.

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justin said...

I have found that my iPad satisfies every need I would have for a laptop.