Friday, March 04, 2011

A little bit of me...

This Slate piece on the NPR listeners who write complaint letters by Farhad Manjoo is great. This sentence could have been written by me:

"I'm 32, but I generally share the sensibilities of folks much older than myself—I watch NewsHour and go to bed at 9:30—so I'm used to encountering people who frown on anything produced after 1981."

That's basically me. Also, I see where Manjoo is coming from but often agree with the letter-writers. I am the critical news snob that he hates. But, I value NPR because of the variety of stories they will cover. If Justin Beiber is chronicled on NPR, then I say "Well, it must be worth chronicling." My snobbishness comes out when I don't like how NPR slants a story.

The radio in the car I commute in broke several months ago, which means I have to steal my wife's car to listen to NPR.

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