Monday, April 25, 2011

A response to ABC World News

I've been meaning to link to this Mark Perry post for a while, but just forgot. Dr. Perry is responding to the same ABC World News series I mentioned before that caused me to permanently change the channel. Diane Sawyer openly lauded self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for his proposed legislation requiring all U.S. museums to sell only American-made items in its gift shops. Congressman Nick Rahall, D-WV has now introduced such legislation. This is ironically un-American, in my opinion, and not welfare-enhancing.

Perry chimes in emphatically:

(W)hy stop there? Why not then legislate that all of the displays, contents, artwork, artifacts, and animals at every of the 20 Smithsonian properties be "made in the USA" as well. And require that all food served at Smithsonian Museum restaurants and cafeterias be "American made" only. In other words, why restrict the "made in the USA" policy to just the gift shop and not the entire museum?

And the Smithsonian's National Zoo probably has a higher concentration of foreign animals than any of the Smithsonian museum gift shops have foreign-made Americana. So we'd have to start by getting rid of the Chinese pandas which should be considered as great a threat to Americans as Chinese-made snow domes, baseball caps and statues of Obama in the Zoo gift shop. After all, we have brown bears and black bears that are real "American" bears and why shouldn't those be displayed instead of the Chinese pandas? And then we would replace all of the other foreign animals with patriotic American animals and make it a real NATIONAL Zoo. Right now it's not a "national" zoo at all, it would be more accurate to call it the Smithsonian INTERNATIONAL Zoo, and that's un-American.

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