Thursday, July 21, 2011

Using the Cloud to help heal people

My wife's birthday was Wednesday and I want to honor her by posting this story because I think it encapsulates her awesomeness.

One of my pet peeves is email attachments. It's 2011 and we're still filling inboxes with large attachments rather than putting files in the Cloud and then emailing a simple link to view it or work collaboratively on it. Or we're posting paper sign-up sheets and trying to coordinate schedules via email rather than using a rubric in the Cloud (all of which are free).

This week, my wife was able to instantly convert hundreds of people to the power of using Google Docs and help a guy be more efficiently prayed for. That is a Proverbs 31 woman:

It started when a popular blog posted an emergency prayer request for a man named Karl. The author wanted people to pledge to pray at specific times via the comment section, like a sign-up sheet. With dozens of eager prayers, the sign-up sheet became unworkable. So, Joni quickly created a simple Google spreadsheet (here) and posted a link to it. As you can see, Karl was covered (but he still needs prayer). The author was most appreciative, and now all of the readers are connected in a way they've never been before. That's what the Cloud does.

My wife works from home for Roar, a company that designs mobile apps for churches, schools, and other non-profits (they're now the official app maker of Lifeway, of the largest denomination in the U.S.). She writes some good blog posts there too, so check it out.

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Joni said...

Just in case anybody reads this and is interested, here's my take on the spreadsheet story: Serving God By Being Me