Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real men use Pinterest (aka The Economics of Pinterest)

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I first heard of Pinterest through a co-worker who got my wife hooked on it. It's a social network that is for sharing ideas and "likes" via the power of visual image (here's a good example). The way it works is you surf the web and see something you like on a site-- could be a recipe or a photograph, any image.  You click "Pin This" on the button you've installed on your browser, and it gets added to your Pinterest feed, under a category that you choose.  Others who follow you or are searching for things in the same category can see it, and then re-pin it... like RT'ing a tweet on Twitter.  A visual idea spreads like wildfire.   Visiting the site you'll find it's 99% used by women.

But here is my Pinterest profile, you'll find I found another perfect use for it.  It's like social bookmarking through Delicious, except for images. Since I collect an awful lot of graphs and charts for class every day, I now have a way to store them and see them all on one screen.  No need to sort through a textual description of it via Delicious.  Every economist should use Pinterest.

Note, this post isn't really about the economics of pinterest, I just titled it that to shamelessly get search hits.


Angie said...

I am so glad you found a great use for Pinterest!

Christina Johnson said...

You could also use Picasa (Google's photo organization software). You can see your charts and graphs and you don't need to be online in order to see them.