Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2% RGDP growth

Here's an exercise for the reader:
Leave the country. Come back X years later. As you drive around town and wander around Wal-Mart, what percentage of the things you see are "new," meaning they didn't exist when you left before (just estimate--this isn't scientific). Which prices have risen, which have fallen?
A few of my own observations after returning from Turkey:

1. Subway lets you order sandwiches online now. (This has become commonplace in Turkey. If Subway only delivered they'd be on par with most Turkish fast food places.)
2. There are new flavors of old cereals. New editions of old toys (for children and adults), with more features, memory, etc.
3. More banks now let you deposit checks via your iPhone, even some of the smaller banks (our still does not, alas, but it still pays the highest interest on a checking account in the U.S.). 
4. Prices of external hard drives and flat-screen televisions are lower than they were a year ago.
5. I have more options for using a pre-paid cellphone than I did a year ago. 

A few things change, most stay the same. Maybe 2% of things are "new."

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