Sunday, April 28, 2013

About Me

I have an MA in International Economics from Baylor University, and I am a market monetarist. I have traveled and worked across Eastern Europe and Central Asia; I speak Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, and some Levantine Arabic (Turkish being the strongest). I am also a market urbanist, a large motivation for my family moving to Ankara, Turkey in 2012-- where we'd like to live again when the time is right for us (Turkey is a magical place).

I was raised in Lexington, KY and earned my BBA from UK. I married my best friend from college in 2005, we now have a 7 year old son with autism; we would consider adoption for more. I am Baptist by theological bent.

I like pondering mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and forecasting. I'm interested in the theology of work and missional business. I love to read non-fiction; I enjoy ancient history the most. I prefer to watch NASCAR because it is the sport with the fewest moral/ethical dilemmas for me. I look at sports very quantitatively, I prefer simulations to the real thing. I like to bass fish. I work out to P90X, Insanity, etc. and do some form of weight lifting daily. I make myself run, too.

While I've worn many hats, I currently work as an economist in the executive branch of state government. I also teach business courses--primarily economics--for universities in the U.S. both in-classroom and online. I'd love to get on board with your SME and improve its analytics and strategy- making.

I am currently located in Central Kentucky waiting for that next door to open...

I blog about all of the above. Follow what I'm thinking and reading on Twitter. Add me on LinkedIn.

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