Sunday, May 05, 2013

Guns, Church, and What We Worship

On Sunday morning my wife and I visited a church with a satellite that meets in a community expo center in East Tennessee. Upon arrival, we noticed the parking lot was packed with hundreds of cars; particularly with pickup trucks and men wearing camouflage and UT colors stereotypical of the area. Then, I noticed a man walking into the building with a very large rifle and scope. For a very startling split second I thought I was going to witness the next American tragedy, but then I realized that part of the expo center was hosting a gun show. There was a line of people buying tickets ($10) and a peek inside showed dozens of vendors and plenty of business.

We made our way to the church entrance and worshiped with maybe 100 other people. (I was also glad to see a police officer in the foyer providing added security.)

I mostly thought about how everybody in the expo center was spending their Sunday worshiping exactly what they wanted to.

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