Saturday, May 18, 2013

Product review: Gold's Gym Multi-Training Door Gym

Every man needs a pull-up bar in his house. (That's a hint to you ladies looking for a Father's Day gift.)

In our last house, we had a mounted Perfect Basic Pullup bar, which was great but required drilling and screws. The Gold's Gym Door Gym, however, balances on your door frame and is fully portable, you can throw it up anywhere!

It also doubles as a push-up bar. You'll notice it has multiple grips; this is perfect for P90X where you're doing multiple types of pull-ups and push-ups. It is great for standard, wide-fly, and close-grip pull-ups as well as standard, wide, and military-style push ups.  You can also set it on the bottom of your door frame to hold your feet as a sit-up bar.

The basement I currently work out in doesn't have any door frames, but my father-in-law has mounted a more permanent pull-up bar. So, I use that for my pull-ups and the Gold's Gym bar for my push-ups. I get a fuller range of motion, it's not as hard on my wrists, and it won't roll like regular portable push-up bars would. I've used it for over a month and am very pleased.

I picked it up for $18.97 at Wal-Mart. Amazon Marketplace has one for $16.21 plus shipping.

There's about a 10 minute assembly time, the tools come included in the package.

Tip: Put the bar on a doorway you enter frequently. Make a rule that you have to do a set of pull-ups every time you enter the room. Voila!

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