Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Health pet peeve

I get annoyed when people I know talk/blog about protecting their family from toxins, shun Wal Mart for Whole Foods in order to buy organic, and fear things like BPA but don't stop to be introspective as to why they and their kids often get sick. They worry about the minor .001% and not-very-scientifically-proven things yet completely ignore the majors that are proven to be most effective. I've seen how dirty some of your kids' hands are. How often do they wash them? How do they wash them? Good handwashing will prevent transmission of the vast majority of diseases. Do you follow the CDC's guidelines?

Sing the "Happy Birthday" song while you wash your hands. Some parents seem to think that if their kids don't go outside, their hands don't get dirty. They ignore the germ factories that are iPhones, Xbox controllers, and table tops.

The other pet peeve is the way Americans bring germs into their home by wearing their shoes around the house. Why is it that we walk around outside where dogs poop, people spit, and chemicals are dripped from cars onto the street right onto our carpets where those germs can be deposited? Who spends time sitting and playing on carpet? Our kids.When you leave the U.S., about the first foreign cultural thing you learn is to take your shoes off and leave them at the door.  Americans are among the most health-conscious unhealthy people in the world for neglecting the simple things.  

So, please don't talk to me about how dangerous our world is unless you've taken care of the basics above. Don't talk to me about pesticides and electromagnetic fields while you're standing on my carpet in the shoes you wear outside every day.

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