Monday, July 22, 2013

My son's superpower

My five year old son was diagnosed as having sensory processing disorder (SPD) a few years ago. He's the type who needs more and stronger sensory inputs to make sense of his world. That means he really loves spinning, going fast, touching everything, and wind & water sensations that cover his body. Hence, running through the sprinkler is really fun and there is no speed that is too fast on an ATV or watercraft. 

One thing he loves is for me to make "April showers" with the water hose, spraying it up in the air so he can stand under the waterfall, like rain. As he stands there and soaks it in it reminds me of the movie Daredevil, based on the Marvel comic. Daredevil is a blind superhero who can "see" via his heightened senses whenever it rains.I wonder if it's a similar sensation for Elias.

When we spend time at my parents, he gets to ride a 4-wheeler, boat, and waverunner. He squeals with delight for the entirety of the trip and says "Go faster, Daddy!" about every 10 seconds. Look how unhappy he looks as we idle along posing for this picture.

"No! Let's go, Daddy!"
We get up to 45 mph on most of the craft in brief spurts, and he just loves it. The waverunner is about perfect with the vibration and the noise, along with the wind and the water splashing. He loves the motion of the waves and being able to spin it around and around. Riding the golf cart afterwards is usually a let-down.

No fear on ATVs and watercraft, my son's superpower.

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