Friday, August 02, 2013

Book Reviews (#16 & #17 of 2013) Your Guide to Google Analytics by Ryan Dube and Learn How to Give a Great Massage by Marsha Masters

Today I review two self-published "How To" books available free (sometimes) or cheap for Kindle. I support self-publishing efforts like this, especially where free.

Your Guide To Google Analytics is a great help to using Analytics, written by someone who relies on his own (multiple, I gather) websites to generate commerce. There are many features of Google Analytics that users never get into, like the Custom Reporting and Intelligence Events, that are quite powerful and helpful. Dube has provided good screenshots and examples for every option. It's helped me customize my own Analytics setup, and I'll keep it as a reference. 99 cents. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Learn How to Give a Great Massage is a compilation of 52 short blog post lessons by a masseuse. When it showed up as a free Kindle book one day, my wife sent me the suggestion to get it. I think she hasn't been incredibly pleased with the results. First, there are no pictures or video, only word descriptions of movements. So, what comes out on text is hard to practice. Unless you have a partner willing to read it with you and reciprocate, it's hard to get better because you have no idea what you're doing. Imagine any complex, skilled task that you can only have described to you-- doesn't work well. I wouldn't buy this book for the current $10 it's listed at, or the $17 at the author's website. At best, 2 stars out of five. Go to YouTube instead.

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