Friday, January 03, 2014

Fitness update (1/3/2014)

2013 was a year to get in shape. I sorta "let things go" during the first couple months as we said goodbye to Turkey. Working on physical fitness is one of the best ways to deal with unemployment and to make yourself more marketable for hiring. In June, I became a vegetarian to make life simpler and leaner.  I posted on July 24th what my vital signs were as I completed P90X. I followed that up with Insanity, followed by a return to P90X and figuring out how to fit in workouts to a full-time workweek when I also needed to do a lot of reading/studying (you get stressed finding time to work out 60-75 minutes a day). I'm now in my third week of P90X3, which is not as intense as the other workouts but gives you a solid 30 minutes every day. I'm using to log everything I eat, and just got a Fitbit to coordinate with that. The Fitbit (and my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor), in turn, coordinates with my new health insurance so I can earn points for discounts. So, my life is hooked up to monitors.

At my last weigh-in I was at 137.8 with a body fat percentage of 10%.
That is down 25.8 pounds and 7.6% fat from July 24th.
I wore a size 29 pair of dress pants to work last week. 

I am reading some books to help me figure out what my next goals will be and how I'll get there. Lord willing.

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