Monday, June 16, 2014

How I Spent Father's Day 2014

Yesterday marked the first Father's Day in our new house in Kentucky. It was memorable. Here's a little of how I spent it.

Teaching this kid's Sunday school class.

Enjoying this frozen high-protein dessert my lovely wife and son made for me.  Joni also had my breakfast ready when I got up, which was pretty awesome. 

Making one of these in our backyard. Garden forthcoming. Not pictured: Elias helping me drill holes in a trash can that is now our composter.

Watching Jimmie Johnson win his first race at Michigan and third on the season.

 Rocking T25 Lower Focus. A student lent me T25 for the week and I've found it challenging.

Watching a 36-year old Argentinian (Manu Ginobli) posterize 6'11" Chris Bosh and the entire Heat team. I did not know this guy could even still dunk.

Also watched a little World Cup, but not enough given the time constraints. A great day. Thanks to all for making it possible.

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