Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My favorite move-in ritual: Replacing our light bulbs

Way back in 2007, I wrote this post detailing our switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (back before Congress left us no choice) in our apartment in Texas. We kept those bulbs and have moved our box of bulbs all over the country. I followed up with another post in 2008 when we replaced the bulbs in our first rental house in Missouri. That box and those bulbs have traveled onward with us (we've had to add/replace a few along the way). When we move out of a house, we put the original bulbs back in and keep ours- we see them as an expensive investment. The tradition continued this week, replacing the bulbs in the first house we've ever bought. The previous owners were elderly and still had the traditional energy-wasting, heat-expending bulbs in most of their sockets. Now our house is both more efficient and not as hot. That is probably my favorite part of getting settled.

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