Friday, June 13, 2014

Sermon of the Week (6/8 - 6/14, 2014) Rick Hardison, Great Crossing Baptist Church

This is the time of year when many pastors take vacations and leave the pulpits to others, so my options weren't as plentiful this week.

Rick Hardison is at Great Crossing Baptist Church in Georgetown, KY. GCBC is one of only two churches in Scott Co. on the Nine Marks list of healthy churches, and the only Southern Baptist one. (Hardison interned at Capitol Hill Baptist.)

If you are familiar with people who have graduated from Southern Seminary in the last 20 years you will immediately recognize Hardison's style (they all sound about identical to me). This is a good expositional sermon on Acts 27 entitled The Gospel in a Shipwreck. Hardison illustrates how Paul demonstrates leadership despite his position as prisoner, and of Paul's relational needs-- his friends likely traveled as fellow prisoners with him. You can stream or download at the link, enjoy!

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