Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Morning Rituals

I listen to several podcasts (like Tim Ferriss, fitness podcasts, etc.) and read sites like Lifehacker that encourage productivity, creativity, and efficiency. Most of the podcasts feature interviews with creative entrepreneurs and authors on how they focus their energies and get the most from their day. There has been a common theme related to morning routines, and I wanted to share some ideas I've read/heard lately from these sources, in no particular order:

  • Meditation. These are usually non-Christian sources but they find having a "quiet time" in the morning of meditation and journaling helpful. 
  • Never check email first thing in the morning. Emails make you reactive rather than productive. It is a "soul killer." 
  • Make a list of 6-10 things that you're most thankful for. 
  • Write down the top three things you're worried about that day. 
  • Write down the #1 thing you need to accomplish today in order to be able to say "This was a good day." That's what you need to focus on today.
  • Write down your core values. This should be a concise list. 
  • Write down the #1 thing you need to stop doing in your life. This is a daily reminder to change habits. 
  • Make a list of areas in which you will not compromise on today. 
  • Write out your numbers for the day as a reminder (could be your goal number of push-ups, how many random people you give compliments to, etc.) 
I don't journal and probably never will, but I find mentally working through these lists can be helpful. 

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